Styles of Bridal Lehenga

Published: 15th March 2010
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While talking about traditional Indian bridal outfits, the first things that come to your mind are saris, salwar kameezes and of course lehenga cholis. While the sari is the most popular wedding dress in India, North Indian brides still prefer wearing a lehenga choli for the D day. A bridal lehenga is rich to look at. It is made of luxuriant fabric with heavy sheen and elaborates embellishments. Embellishment on bridal lehengas is usually in the form of embroidery in silver or golden thread, stone work, crystal patterns and sequins.
Description of a Lehenga
A lehenga is one of the most common traditional Indian garments. At one time it was part of daily wear of women in certain parts of the country. However, nowadays it is use only for special occasions such as weddings, engagements and festivals. The entire outfit comprises of a full length skirt, a blouse or choli and a dupatta. The skirt or the lehenga itself is tied at the waist. It reaches below the ankles and in many designs it even trails over the ground. The blouse, also called the choli, is a fitted top that may also reveal the midriff. It has tight sleeves and a decorative neckline. The dupatta or chunni is a embroidered stole which matches the rest of the outfit. It is either draped around the neck or arranged over the shoulder to fall in elegant pleats.
Lehenga Style
A bride has four different options in terms of lehenga styles. The first is the fishtail suit lehenga which is body hugging till the knees and then flows out in numerous flares. Another style is the straightcut lehenga which drapes parallel to the legs in a similar manner to that of a wraparound skirt. The A line cut is also very popular. It has an inverted cone like shape with the skirt being tight at the waist and then flaring out till the ankle. The last and most popular is the flared lehenga which is heavily pleated and gives a royal look. The flared lehenga is extremely elegant but it is also very heavy.
Fabrics used in making lehengas
Bridal lehengas are usually made of rich fabrics that are thick, have high shine and a good drape. The most popular fabric used is satin which is used because of its graceful texture. Other preferences include tissue which has a regal finish, net, crepe and georgette all of which give the finished dress a very extravagant feel. Moreover, the embellishments used on these fabrics also stand out making the lehenga look even more gorgeous which is ideal for a wedding.
Lehenga colors
Indian bridal lehengas are generally red in colour, but, nowadays brides are open to experiment with a lot of shades. Colors like golden, copper, maroon, green, turquoise, pink and yellow are becoming increasingly popular as more and more brides are looking for a unique look. Dual colored designer lehengas in bright combinations such as red and yellow, green and gold, turquoise and pink and many more have a lot of popularity as exclusive pieces are the most wanted items at any bridal garment store. Red is still chosen by a lot of brides, but it is usually in combination with other colors as every bride wants to look distinctive on her special day.
Alternatives to Bridal Lehengas
A lehenga comes in two varieties; the lancha and sharara. A lancha is similar to a lehenga except that the blouse is different. Lehenga blouses are long and extend a few inches past the hips whereas a lancha blouse shows off the midriff. The sharara is a divided skirt with pleats that give it a full look. A sharara has a center stitch and is worn with a shirt that is a bit longer than a choli as it covers the hips. Sharara used to be popular among muslim brides, but are nowadays used by others as well

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