Paithani Sarees of Maharashtra (India)

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Published: 10th November 2009
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Have you ever imagined a story narrated on a saree? India and its garments, especially sarees have been the bed of seamless creativity. Acknowledged all across the globe as a 'poem' hand woven onto silk and gold backgrounds, Paithani Sarees are the ultimate choice of majority women. The refined art of Paithani weaving prospered in Deccan area during Satvahana era, in 200B.C.

Since its inception, Paithani Sarees are in demand all across India as a precious heirloom that is inherited from generation to generation. Delicate silk from Paithani was exported to many countries and was traded in exchange for gold and precious stones. Passionate dedication and the faith of the weavers have still kept Paithani silk work alive for more than 2000 years. The actual Paithani Sarees are hand woven pure silk with gold/silver-embroidered designs.

You shall be amazed witnessing the intricate designs on Paithani pallu and border that is believed to be a specialty of such Indian Sarees. The perfectly made motifs on Paithani pallu will make you stand awestruck. The delicate designs of peacock, lotus, mango and others adorn the body of Paithani silks. Paithani Sarees often require from 2 months to several years to manufacture, depending on the design of border and pallu. The price of Paithani Silk sarees costs from Rs.6000/- to Rs.500,000.

The Paithani Silk Sarees are woven primarily in traditional ways even after many centuries. Even in present day's sophisticated world the methods of weaving Paithani have not changed. Paithani Sarees are woven with extremely delicate silk threaded sticks, thus bearing a testimony of Maharashtra's fabric legacy of beautiful women. Some places in India do have the tradition of weaving silk but Paithani has carved its niche and retained a distinctive status since ancient times.

Alike its technique, the design and patterns used on the Paithani silks are equally special. Moreover, the silk used to weave Paithani sarees are also very delicate. Specifically the nature source such as different kinds of leaves, tree-skin, flowers; soils, lamps soot, etc. are used to make these radiant and pretty colors. The names of Paithani sarees depend on their colors. The perfect balance between the design of the Paithani borders and the overall color determine their specific genres. References to Paithani patterns are also found in folksongs and literature.

The embroidery on the borders of Paithani silks is another fascinating sight. Some of the primeval designs of embroidery on the saree borders and the inner design is made up of small orbs that is likewise essential from five hundred to nine hundred such orbs and can be found in one design.

The Paithani sarees are considered holy in Indian tradition owing to the use silk that has a special importance in Indian marriages. You can also buy Pathani sarees online these days at competitive rates. The innumerable variety of Pathani sarees online clearly gives you a glimpse of its demand even today.

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