Gorgeous Saree Borders enhancing the beauty

Published: 08th June 2010
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The saree is an essential bit of stylist attire for an Indian woman. However, this essential piece of attire has been transformed into the everlastingly beauty that a women looks extremely gorgeous when adorned in them.

To design it in simpler words, the authentic traditional Indian piece of attire is known as an unstitched fabric measuring 5 to 6 meters in length. This piece of attire can either be either a plain fabric, or a woven fabric, or a printed fabric or even an embroidered or embellished fabric. Nevertheless what it is truly expected to do is define the elegance and grace of the woman who wears it.

The border of the Saree is one of the most important aspects that make a saree beautiful. A border can either augment the beauty or can even mar the appearance of the whole nine yards.

The border comprises of the most important aspect of a Saree. The saree without any proper border is not thought as possible. When considering the printed sarees, you will be able to notice that the segment along the length of the designer saree that features the borders has prints in different designs as compared to the remaining part of the saree. This difference in the design of the border and the body of the saree helps in defining the border.

Now, when considering a saree made in silk fabric, the borders of such a saree are usually ornamented with an extremely complex and glittery zari that is woven into discrete pattern. An authentic saree in silk is must for an Indian women's wardrobe. The silk saree not only displays glamour but also nobility.

These splendid borders aid in creating a quite gorgeous look in these sarees made of silk. These days, the latest craze is the designer sarees. Indian women are more aware about fashion and wearing the right color and right design that will make them look more glamorous. The designer sarees are thought to lay quite an emphasis on its borders. They usually have one or more embroidered panels that run along the length of the saree. Generally the colors of the panels are so chosen that they contrast well to the shade of the body of the saree. This color amalgamation is the factor that makes the saree an eye-catcher.

The Designer Sarees panels are mostly of woven fabric which consists of either viscose, or the synthetic brocade, or the fancy woven fabric, etc that features work like resham and zari with self woven patterns. Even at times some of these panels are also done in plain fabric that shows off the gorgeous embellished and embroidered patterns with the shiny speckles, beads, zardozi and resham or zari embroidery done generously all over. The borders are gorgeous and they always help you in unlocking the genuine beauty of any saree.

The blouse usually matches well and complements the Bridal Sarees. They feature beautiful and gorgeous borders that are similar to that of the saree that run along the sleeves and the back of the blouse. This helps in accomplishing an uniform look in the whole en masse of the attire.

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